Many of the poster artists of the sixties were not only known to indulge in the drugs of the day, but they essentially promoted them in the subject matter of their psychedelic creations. Several of the posters had a calming way of condoning the use of mood altering chemicals, so effectively that the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare issued its own poster, a psychedelic rendering asking, "Will they turn you on, or will they turn on you?" The Zig Zag man was the poster boy of psychedelic posters. There are countless late 60s and early 70s posters depicting this iconic image with total disregard for the rolling paper entity's copyrights for its classic logo. 
Mushrooms are rampant in the black light poster market. References to "Alice in Wonderland" appear often. Renowned concert poster artist Rick Griffin did a spectacular piece honoring "San Mescalito, the patron and Protector of all those souls who dig herbs created by god To enlighten the minds of men".
One artist quoted the Bible in his justification of marijuana use. Still another dissected a cross section of the human head, displaying the various prevalent drugs as if it was a department store floor plan. Nevertheless, drugs were just as common and viable theme as sex, music, politics, and optical illusions.
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Drugs - Vintage Sixties 60s Black Light Posters

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