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Vintage Posters 

Welcome to my cyber museum of Sixties poster art and ephemera! Here you will find probably the world's largest private collection of original late 60s black light posters, as well as concert posters & handbills, rare albums, autographs, pictures, etc. from this exciting era in American history. From Bill Graham's Fillmore West series, Chet Helms' Family Dog,   Art of Rock, etc., and on to the various primary producers of quality black light artwork, herein lies a comprehensive resource for the student of the "counter culture" of the late 1960s.
Take a trip back to a unique time when rebellion was essentially expressed through psychedelic music and art. You might very well find that long lost poster you had over 50 years ago.
ALSO,  an interesting array of vintage travel and movie posters/lobby cards, and extremely rare, original Disneyland attraction silk screens are included  in the collection, which I am selling several of because of duplicates in my inventory.
Thanks for visiting, and please use the contact page if  you are interested in a purchase of anything in this website.

Frank Owen Wilson


This website is dedicated to my late "Budmin", Frank O. Wilson, who inspires me to this day with his demiurgic powers of creativity and inimitable humor.

Original vintage blacklight posters, rock concert posters, rare LPs, movie one sheets, travel posters, Disneyland attraction silkscreen 
posters, & entertainment ephemera​

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