Signed CGC9.8


​Kelley-Mouse signed

Griffin signed 9.4


Signed CGC9.8

`​Kelley-Mouse signed.



​Signed CGC9.8

Vintage Family Dog Concert Posters

​Kelley signed 9.6

​CGC 9.9 Mint

Griffin signed 8.0

TRick Griffin signed

​Griffin signed 9.0


​FD26-OP-1 CGC8.0


​​​​The 60s was a unique and exciting time in the world, especially in the music scene. Free expression and exploration roamed rampant and groundbreaking music was created as a result. The Family Dog fueled, and made possible, some of the greatest rock concerts and events of all time where free-spirited individuals could meet and celebrate life.

Today, vintage Family Dog concert posters are a collector's dream as they are a small memento of this legendary era.

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​Roky Erickson & Mouse signed

​Griffin signed

​Kelley-Mouse signed

Doors & Griffin signed

​CGC 9.9 Mint

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Houston Freeb​urg Collection

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FD50-RP-2 CGC 9.9 MINT