Cast signed

Vintage Movie Posters

Signed by Jack & Faye

Signed by Laurel & Hardy

  1. Signed by Liza Minnelli

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Houston Freeb​urg Collection

Vintage Posters 

Cast signed

Cast Signed

5' x 10' canvas theater banner

Cast signed


Original vintage blacklight posters, rock concert posters, rare LPs, movie one sheets, travel posters, Disneyland attraction silkscreen 
posters, & entertainment ephemera

Cast signed

Signed by Leslie Caron


Cast & Polanski signed


Signed by Charles Chaplin

Signed by Mcfarland & Cooper


Cast signed

A vast collection of highly sought after, original vintage movie posters, including one sheets, 3 sheets, half sheets, window cards, and lobby cards. Some signed by cast members, and many Lobby Cards CGC rated. 

Included is an original 5' x 10' canvas

banner from 1936 (Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times") which is in excellent condition and would be ideal for the lobby of an art movie house. (see top row of images)

The majority of my collection were purchased from various HERITAGE AUCTIONS of Dallas, TX throughout the last 20 years or so.

All original vintage movie posters are available for sale.

 Simply inquire by using the CONTACT page at the bottom of the 

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Cast signed

Cast signed

Signed by all three


Signed by Jack